Defamation: Mixed reactions from netizens as Toyin Abraham vows to sue cyber bullies



Mixed reactions trail Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham recent intention to take legal action against cyberbullies defaming her on social media.


In a live session, Abraham expressed that social media users have pushed her to the brink, declaring she’s ready to fight back and ensure the bullies don’t go unpunished.



Her bold stance followed an accusation from a user on X who claimed she had arrested his mother, urging the actress to arrest everyone on the platform.


Toyin clarified that she never arrested anyone’s mother, only reported a cybercrime as a concerned citizen.


Despite her efforts, the online harassment intensified, leaving her increasingly frustrated.

Expressing her exhaustion, she revealed that she’s tired of the constant bullying.



She claimed many individuals were paid to harass her online and even wish harm upon her family.

Her announcement has sparked a wave of mixed reactions from netizens:



@kotosiaface17: “If someone defamed you, are you not meant to sue them for defamation? She doesn’t only make useless movies, she also makes useless decisions. I’m waiting for my own arrest. Oh, lest I forget, she used the money she got from Tinubu to do a hair transplant for her toy husband.”

@Butterbabe91: “No peace for the wicked. Asiwaju baby, before you kpai, you must tell us Tinubu’s plans for Nigeria.”


@aideinfluence: “Celebrities too like the pity game. If she wants to kpai, abeg make she release Ayo first before she kpai.”



@tboysquare: “She’s now playing the victim card when she can always do the right thing and release the boy! The movie she’s currently acting in, if I’m the producer, I’ll cut her off for the time being because this is bad publicity for any movie. I’m not going to watch it because she’s in it, and neither will many people

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