Hon Alimi Kawu Extends Warm Birthday Greetings to Kwara Poly Rector

a show of admiration and respect, Hon Alimi Kawu, the esteemed grassroots politician from Ilorin East, joined in the chorus of well-wishers to celebrate the birthday of the distinguished Rector of Kwara State Polytechnic, Engineer Dr. Abdul Jimoh, FNSE, FNIMechE. In a heartfelt message, Hon Alimi Kawu hailed the Rector as a beacon of exemplary leadership and dubbed him “Mr. Projects” for his outstanding administrative prowess and the significant achievements recorded under his tenure.

Addressing the Rector directly, Hon Alimi Kawu conveyed his heartfelt prayers and blessings, invoking the Almighty’s abundant mercy, grace, wisdom, and continued success in all endeavors. The message underscored the deep respect and appreciation for the Rector’s contributions to the advancement of Kwara State Polytechnic and the broader educational landscape in the state.

“Mr. Rector, may Almighty Allah continue His abundant mercy, grace, upliftment, rahama, wisdom, knowledge, favor, strength, sound health, and long life. Aminna Yah Allah,” expressed Hon Alimi Kawu, encapsulating the sentiments shared by many who have benefited from the Rector’s visionary leadership and commitment to excellence.

As Engineer Dr. Abdul Jimoh celebrates another year of life and leadership, the warm birthday greetings from Hon Alimi Kawu serve as a testament to the profound impact of his stewardship and the collective appreciation for his invaluable contributions to the Kwara State Polytechnic community.

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