Kwara Lawmaker, Owolabi Rasaq Empowers 300 Constituents with Cash Grants at 2024 Owoo Carnival

Hon. Owolabi Rasaq, the member representing Share/Oke-ode constituency at the Kwara State House of Assembly, today, facilitated a cash empowerment program that reached 300 constituents from all the wards in his constituency.

The event, which also featured the third Owoo annual Carnival, was held at Babanloma town, a community in Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State.

Adding to the already festive atmosphere of the event, a “Castle Jump” game added a touch of excitement and joy to the event.

With this gesture, Hon. Rasaq has reinforced his commitment to serving his constituents and fostering economic growth in the region.

The cash was packed in envelopes with amount ranging from N20,000 to N25,000.


The cash disbursement is expected to provide much-needed support to local businesses and households, and is a testament to the power of political leadership in making a tangible difference in the lives of ordinary citizens.


As part of the program, recipients were handpicked based on criteria that prioritized neediness and the potential for growth.


Hon. Rasaq, in his remarks during the event, expressed his deep empathy for the struggles of his constituents and his hope that the financial assistance would provide a foundation for prosperity.


“This is just a small step in our larger vision for a thriving, prosperous community, but it’s a step in the right direction”.


“This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our commitment to your well-being runs deep, and we will continue to explore new ways to empower you and provide the resources you need to succeed”, he added.


“We are currently working on a mega empowerment program that will create even more opportunities for growth and prosperity.”


He emphasized that, “Any politician who keeps public funds for his personal use as against the primary responsibility of every government official will have a disastrous end”.


Appreciating the Kwara State governor, Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq, Hon. Owolabi said the governor’s unwavering commitment to ensuring a livable society for the people of the state can not be underrated.


He further emphasized that the governor has always demonstrated undying love, empathy, sense of responsibility and good leadership piloting the affairs of the state.


Present at the occasion was Alhaja Tahibat Ayinde, Former commissioner for Wowen Affairs in Kwara State, former Special Assistant on Women Empowerment to Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, Alhaja Bolane Ismail (Iya Lamule), Alhaji Lateef Kadri Oko-Ode, Former Ifelodun Local Government APC Party Chairman, Alhaji Muftau Akanbi Oke, Representative of Hon. Tolani Mhuktar Shagaya, and other Ifelodun Elders.


In his gratifying message to the invited dignitaries, the Honourable said, “I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to all the dignitaries who graced this occasion with their presence”.


“Your support and encouragement mean a great deal to me, and I am truly honored by your presence. I know that your presence here today is a testament to your commitment to the growth and prosperity of our communities, and I pledge to work alongside you in our efforts to bring about positive change.”


Commenting on the initiative, Engineer Ayo Gani expressed overwhelming excitement at the development, describing it as a “very good and welcomed development and a great achievement for Ifelodun Community.


According to him, “this empowerment is a very good development and a great achievement for this community. It shows that they have a leader who has the people in mind, because some our of leaders nowadays don’t care about anybody after getting to the higher positions.”


In his message to the people of the community, he solicited for continued support for Honored Owolabi whom he described as a blessing to his constituency.


He said, “this kind of leader is one that you people have to gather together to support him in his course, because if he gets to a higher position than this, this community and the whole area will enjoy more than this”.


Also speaking, the CEO Dickalo Nigeria Limited, Architect Bunmi commended Hon Owolabi for being a populist and people-loving politician who prioritizes the well being of the people over his personal interests.


He said, “what is happening now is not surprising to me, because he has done it more than four, five times in this community. He did one in Share and I was there. Everything he has been doing is wonderful. How many Honourable can achieve what Hon. Owolabi has achieved under two years? It is awesome!”


“He is a different honourable. He is not the kind that doesn’t want his community to develop. He is an outstanding Honourable”.


Bunmi thereafter enjoined Hon. Owolabi to continue doing the right thing, praying that God will continue to uphold and help him.


He also prayed the people of Ifelodun LGA not to fall for distractions by completely ignoring side talks and keep looking at the Honourable’s positive side so that he can go far to keep helping them.

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