Kwara PDP Slams Abdulrazaq Govt’s Distraction Tactics, Demands Accountability for State’s Governance Failures



The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara State has stated that, as currently constituted, the Party is too busy with its vital reforms to entertain the idle-minded antics of the Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq Government aimed at diverting public attention from its rounds of failure.


“While it is understandable that the ongoing restructuring in PDP is causing serious sleepless nights for the Abdulrasaq government, which has so far outspent its goodwill – occasioned by its all-round failures, however, no amount of frustration from the Kwara government house will distract the Party from the struggles to rescue Kwara from the current misgovernance and financial rascality.


In response to a statement attributed to one Ibrahim Abdullateef, the Senior Special Assistant to the Kwara Governor on Communication, the PDP in a statement signed by its State Publicity Secretary, Mr. Olusegun Olusola Adewara (Sholyments), said the Senior Special Assistant, speaking the mind of his principal, further affirmed the notion that governance had since taken flight in Kwara as there’s nothing to keep the Governor and his retinue of SAs busy.


Hence, the relegation of the Kwara state government secretariat to a platform of throwing political banters and cooking up unproductive narratives to take away people’s minds from the calamities brought by the otoge government.


It’s not surprising for the heavy-handedness and dictatorial behaviour of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has led to the semi-death of the ruling APC in the state, ultimately relegating the party to oblivion. Now, government appointees seem to be in charge of welcoming induced defectors from other parties, a clear sign of the ruling party’s demise under Abdulrazaq’s leadership.


The PDP added, “Governor Abdulrazaq ought to be ashamed that his close to a hundred and one SAs and SSAs are not contributing meaningfully to his government but have made a trade-out of media attacks on PDP and the opposition leader in the state.


Commissioners and Special Assistants to the government who are supposed to offer policy advice to the Governor have turned themselves into bullying cats, mere attack dogs and Internet nuisances who entertained the Governor with their media tantrums and banters. The PDP in Kwara is too busy to engage in such pettiness but will rather focus on demanding accountability and delivery of dividends of governance to our people.


We challenge Governor Abdulrazaq to direct his energies into telling Kwarans what has been achieved with the unprecedented billions as huge allocations, IGR and other cash inflow since 2019, rather than attempting to distract Kwarans with the story of those who were induced with KWASSIP fund to decamp to APC.


A Governor who deliberately denied all the sixteen local government areas of the state its access to democratic leadership and sit on local government allocations since 2019 has demonstrated highest level of irresponsibility and therefore lacks integrity to challenge the PDP on issues of governance and policies


The PDP’s struggle to rescue Kwara in 2027 is beyond any individual but centred on the Kwara people, to whom we are absolutely accountable. We care less about a government that has exhausted its credibility and acceptability and now acting like a drowning man clinging to the last straw to save himself.


For the umpteenth time, our Party will not lose sleep over a few of our members defecting to APC, we believe this is normal for a Party that has lost elections twice, Party membership is a continuous process, and those who are being induced with KWASSIP fund today are doing that to survive the current economic hardship occasioned by the ruling APC and we believe many of them will return when the real game begins.


We call on the Abdulrazaq government to address the damning BBC documentary report on Kwara’s basic education, which exposed the deplorable conditions under which our pupils learn, including those who now learn under the tree while others sit on the floor. This raises serious questions about the impact of the over N14.1bn purportedly spent on basic education between 2019 and 2023 as claimed by Gov Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq.

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