LG Election Primary: Bashir Calls Out APC Chairman for Unfounded Claims, Hypocrisy

He who comes to equity must come with clean hands

In a shocking turn of events, the APC Chairman in Oke-Ero LGA, Chief David Gbadebo, has petitioned the Appeal/Reconciliation Committees, making unfounded claims that his preferred candidate, Rev. Bunmi Olusona, received the highest valid votes in the recent primaries. This blatant attempt to subvert the truth is a slap in the face of democracy and the principles of equity.

The Chairman’s allegations are not only false but also a desperate attempt to discredit the legitimate winner. I challenge him to provide a Ward-by-Ward breakdown of the election results to substantiate his claims. However, he must also be prepared to explain the suspicious outcome in his own ward, where his preferred candidate miraculously received more votes than the total combined votes in the other nine wards.

While I wholeheartedly support Rev. Olusona, I must acknowledge that he has benefited significantly from the party in the past and that the internal zoning arrangements in Ekan-Meje District doesn’t favour his community. Moreover, the manipulation of the Idofin Odo-Ashe result, supervised by Chief Gbadebo, taints his moral ground for challenging the outcome.

On the other hand, Chief Taye Babatunde’s campaign has been marred by his Campaign Manager’s arrogance and threats against the Governor and State Party Chairman. Also, his community has already enjoyed government patronage, and his past performances in various LGA Council positions have been underwhelming.

In contrast, Hon. Abiodun James Fadipe, a very cool-headed, humble, intelligent, and peace-loving individual, has emerged as the most popular candidate and the most credible alternative by the party leadership. His community and Erinmope deserve a chance to produce the next Chairman, and it’s time for Ilale to allow them to breathe.

Let us uphold the principles of equity and fairness. The Chairman must come with clean hands, and the truth must prevail. The people of Oke-Ero LGA deserve transparency and justice.

— Bashir writes from Erinmope

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