Nigeria’s Democracy in Shambles, Says US Professor, Calls for New Generation of Leaders

A US-based associate professor, Dr. Abdulmumini Yinka Ajia, has lamented the absence of a formidable political opposition in Nigeria, blaming it for the country’s democratic challenges. Speaking at a colloquium in Ilorin, Ajia urged Nigerians to seek an alternative to the two leading political parties ahead of the 2027 general elections.

Ajia, a professor of Business Administration at Lincoln University, Missouri, USA, described Nigeria’s political system as dysfunctional and lacking an organizing principle. He attributed the country’s poverty and impoverishment to a lack of organization, saying resources are not being channeled to the right places.

The professor advised Nigeria to abolish the presidential system and create small constituencies, describing the current system as “civilians doing whatever they like.” He also stressed the need for political education, enlightenment, and structured youth organization to achieve social advocacy and activism for political change.

Ajia’s remarks were echoed by Dr. Sanusi Haruna Lafiagi, a lecturer at Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin, who urged youths to actively participate in politics and political processes to achieve credible leadership.

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